Ok y’all. Let’s talk about IKEA and more importantly, the boho decor IKEA currently has going on. Today’s post is all about the items I spotted on a recent IKEA run so read on to see more and get a few ideas on how to incorporate them into your eclectic abode.

Boho Decor | IKEA-Style

Design by Jo Rivera boho IKEA decor

Many of my clients are young professionals who are just getting started in their careers or are moving into their first homes. Depending on the project, spending a ton on furniture isn’t always an option. In those cases, I may turn to IKEA for a few modern pieces that won’t break the bank. I believe the trick is about mixing and matching. Read: everything in the room is definitely not from IKEA.

Here are a few of the pieces I’d love to include as I begin decorating our upstairs…stay tuned for more  on that soon!

Ground Cover

If you are a decormademedoit regular, you know I love to design from the ground up. New in the IKEA rug section, you’ll find the patchwork beauty:

SILKEBORG patchwork rug on decor made me do it

According to the product description on IKEA.com, the SILKEBORG rug

– This rug is unique since it’s created from patches of old traditional handmade Turkish rugs.
– The old patches are washed, re-dyed and stitched together to a new and modern piece of artwork

They also had a section of real and faux animal rugs:
IKEA brown cowhide rug on decor made me do it
white sheepskin rug on decor made me do it

Extra Seating

I was surprised to see not just one, but 4 different rattan chair or chaise options at IKEA. I love the idea of adding one of these as an accent chair in a small space or multifunctional room. Not only are they lightweight and easy to move, the see through design lets the eye continue to move through the space.

rattan chair from IKEA on decor made me do it

Above Chair: STOCKHOLM 2017

So the next one also comes in a bench option. A bench y’all. I’d love to see the bench in a foyer, in front of a large window, or even on a front porch. Where would you use it? Leave me a comment below and let me know 🙂

IKEA rattan chair decor made me do it

Above chair: MASTHOLMEN armchair

I’d love to use the next one around a dining table or in a sun room. So fun. I really love that it has the lines of a traditional chair but in a material that keeps it airy and free-spirited. FYI, I can’t find this one online anymore, but I would check your local store anyway!

limited edition rattan chair from IKEA

Above chair: Jassa Chair

Cozy Cushions

I love, love, love aricturectureal nooks in homes. Each of our upstairs bedrooms has one and I’m dying to create a window seat. Honestly, these vibrant cushions from IKEA would work to create a cozy corner or seating area even without a window. Who needs a reason to stack 12-27 pillows in a pile and lay in them? Yeah, me neither!

Like the chair above, these cushions are also from the Jassa line. It’s a limited edition run, so definitely check out your local store. I bet they’ll even be on sale!

limited edition seat cushion from IKEA

These both make great options for apartment dwelling too. I’d also love to use these or something similar to style an outdoor dinner.

limited edition floor cushion from IKEA

Do you see the handles?

THESE lace curtain panels

white lace curtains in boho decor So dainty and delicate. I’d love to pair them a geometric patterned rug and a gnarly, massive cactus!  lace curtains on decor made me do it

Alvine Curtains


I’m a big fan of IKEA for everyday organization pieces. They are a fantastic resource for inexpensive baskets and boxes. Here are a few baskets from the Jassa line. But by this point, aren’t you already on your way to IKEA to find that rattan chair?

limited edition baskets from IKEA black

On the website, IKEA categorized these as “vases.” I guess they mean vases for anything but water. Which makes it a basket, right?

limited edition baskets from IKEA yellow

large basket from IKEA on decor made me do it

Above is the FLÅDIS basket from IKEA. This one is by far my favorite.  I’ve seen it all over The Gram as a disguise for planters and Fiddle leaf figs look amazing in these! I use it to store linens in one of our closets.

Plants make the Room

I never pass up a good plant but I’ve heard that IKEA succulents are a total waste of money. Have you ever tried one? Did it die? Leave me a comment below! I can’t knock their plant department though because I have a very happy and healthy snake plant from IKEA currently hanging out in our powder room.

In any event, they has the plants!!!

IKEA house plants decor made me do it IKEA cacti

I also love the IKEA planters below. I’ve used them recently on a wedding decor project when I distressed them. You can get the details on how to distress terra-cotta pots here.

Above: INGEFÄRA terracotta planter

I also love this hanging planter idea. Winter is coming so I’ll need all of the indoor plant ‘storage’ I can get!

Above: DRUVFLÄDER hanging planter

I’d love to know what you thought about this post. Are there any items that inspired you to add boho decor IKEA style?

Would you like to see more pieces like this? Leave me a comment below!


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