Every design project starts by answering one question: what will this space be used for? In the case of a master bedroom, the answer to that question is pretty obvious – it’s used for sleeping. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Anything but! Read on to see how to infuse some eclectic drama into your bedroom design.

How to Add Drama with a Bold Bedroom Design

Choose Your  Cast of Colors

Our bedrooms really should be our own private escapes from the world. Our bedroom walls set the mood for a dramatic look with a dark and moody deep gray. We’ve paired white with it before but needed something that could stand up better to our pup. We opted for a gorgeous taupe medallion quilt that is almost the same color as our dog. Paring the taupe against the dark gray walls instantly added a great dramatic canvas to layer upon.

bedroom view, marsala curtains

Say Yes to Bold Bedding

To keep the colors streamlined, try using a focal point, like artwork or a comforter design, and matching the other colors in the room to it like we’ve done here. The tapestry provided all of the color inspiration needed for this room so I simply took it with me when sourcing the other accents. To add more to drama, we opted for bold marsala curtains and teal and blue pillow shams.

A Place to Put your Feet Up

My finance’s only request for this bedroom was that he have somewhere to sit. At one time, he had a desk for a nightstand with a comfy accent chair. It was the configuration that I changed for this update. Since he never used his nightstand, I simply moved it in front of the window (a bonus for the plants) and used the accent chair as the center of the vignette.

A great rattan foot stool pulls in more of the teal from the tapestry and a modern gold floor lap provides great lighting to the chair and bed. Tip: Don’t have a ton of space? Find an ottoman that will fit under an accent chair and store it away until you need it. 

Clutter-Free Sheep Counting

Let’s face it: bedrooms get cluttered. But a cluttered bedroom is never going to be an ideal space for resting. You’ll be more likely to spend the night counting sheep and thinking about all of the unfinished projects and chores around you. Spring is a prefect time to tackle spring cleaning so grab yourself some storage bins, trash bags, trays and baskets and put the clutter to bed for good.

cali styled shelf

We added trays and baskets throughout the room to hold everything from books and plants to   watches and wallets. I also added an additional storage area near the bedroom door with this inexpensive pine shelf. Then I simply added hooks directly to the wall for hanging hats and bags.

Add a little WOW

This master bedroom design created what is ultimately a serene space that we feel more relaxed in – even with such bold colors and patterns throughout. This eclectic look took more cleaning and repurposing than purchasing new. We also added in major WOW with a quick orange paint job on our existing white mirror. It’s a dramatic touch that keeps the room playful.

bold color

Whether you are going for a top to bottom makeover or just want to change a few things for spring and summer, creating an eclectic bedroom brings the fun and free feeling of the season to your slumber.

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