If you are looking for a quick and easy DIY holiday project look no further. Today I’m sharing the steps for creating a kid-friendly, DIY felt Christmas tree. And guys…it’s easy!

This year, my nearly 2 year-old my niece will be spending Christmas at my home in Atlanta for the first time. To say I’m excited is an understatement. As I began preparing my home for her arrival, it occurred to me that – outside of decorating a nursery or playroom – most home decor doesn’t take toddlers into account. I obviously wanted to decorate my home for the holidays but needed to consider the small child that would soon be visiting.

One morning as I sipped coffee and scrolled through the interweb I saw a video that quickly showed the steps to creating a DIY Felt Christmas Tree. It looked so easy and inexpensive, I had to try it. This is a super simple DIY holiday project that you can complete pretty quickly to give the toddler in your life a special play area and a special memory this holiday season.

Kid-Friendly DIY Felt Christmas Tree

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Materials List

  1. 1 yard dark green felt
  2. Several sheets of colored felt for making ornaments
  3. Drinking glass, coins or another round object (for tracing)
  4. Sharpie
  5. Scissors
  6. Hot Glue Gun
  7. Double sided tape or 3M poster mounting tape

DIY Felt Christmas Tree - Materials

DIY Felt Christmas Tree  – Step 1

Remember making hearts in elementary school by folding a piece of construction paper in half and cutting out only half of the heart, then unfolding the paper to see that you had, in fact, created a whole heart? It’s time to dust off those skills.

For step one of the DIY Felt Christmas Tree fold the yard of green fabric in half horizontally. Folding the yard vertically will result in a tall tree, the opposite of toddler friendly since they won’t be able to reach the top.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree - Cut Out Tree, Folded in Half
Next, use a sharpie to draw the outline of half of the felt Christmas tree on the fold before cutting along the sharpie line and unfolding the cut out to reveal the tree branches. Above is how it looked (still folded in half) after we cut it out.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree  – Step 2

Create round “ball” decorations by using your sharpie and drinking glass to trace circles on various colors of construction paper.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree - Tracing A Glass to make an Ornament

You can then use additional felt to accessorize the balls.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree - Trimming Felt Accents to Create Ornaments

My mom and I got creative and made candles, presents, candy canes a star tree topper in addition to the felt balls.  Tip: Not feeling your freehand? Pull a few flat ornaments off of your tree (like stars or snowmen) and trace them onto the felt. You could also find a free printable stencil if your holiday OCD is getting the best of you.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree - Felt Ornaments Remember that felt sticks to felt so you can forgo adding anything to the back of your Felt Christmas tree decorations.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree  – Step 3

Once all of the decorations are ready, simply mount the tree to the wall using poster mounting strips or double sided tape and let the toddlers go to work. The fibers of the felt will naturally  cause the decorations to stick to the tree.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree - Finished Tree

This DIY Felt Christmas tree is by far one of the easiest holiday crafts I’ve ever done. All in, it took about an hour to create and cost less than $10 to make. Try it out and let me know how it goes. Don’t forget to tag your photos with #decormademedoit so I can see all those trees in action!



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