Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed with Spring! These days, when I’m not working – I’m gardening. And even though it’s still too early to plant it like it’s hot, now is the perfect time to start prepping your garden for the warmer months ahead. Read on for a few easy breezy tips for prepping your garden – or patio – this spring.

daffodils in a blue pot

Lay the Garden Ground Work

March and April is the perfect time to start getting soil ready for a great garden. Good soil will be key to your success later so don’t skip this step. Weed it, till it up and amend it with organic matter. The goal here is to have loose, rich soil that plant roots can move freely in.  Tip: Coffee grounds make a great organic addition to your garden soil. I use eggshells too! 

a flower bed pre-weeding

Don’t forget to check your potted plants now too. If any of the plant’s roots are showing from exposure to the elements add a handful or two of organic potting mix to your potted plant and water.
side garden early spring

Add Some Garden Charm

Now is also a great time to add a few great details like garden art, fun planters, and whatever other outdoor touches that make you feel at home.

garden art: potted plant decor - a concrete owl on a metal stake

Outdoor rugs, lanterns, pillows and other decor are starting to pop of home decor shops, but don’t forget to keep and eye out for great planters and fun garden accents in your local thrift store too or area yard sales as well.

Spread Some Seeds, Sorta

It’s still a bit too early to plant in most of the U.S. In Atlanta, we didn’t really have a winter so I decided to go for it and sprinkle a few seeds anyway. If you are in an area that is still waiting to see spring starting seedlings indoors will help curb the urge to plant too early.

starting seeds, Spring 2017

Starting seeds indoors can save tons of money in landscaping costs since you won’t have to pay the higher price of a mature plant. It’s also a great project to involve you kids in because watching seeds grow is fun!

spring seedlings in bio pods 2017Tip: It’s best to wait until the frost free time in your area before planting anything in the ground. Cold snaps can kill all of your hard work! To find out the frost free date in your area, Google your frost free date and your zip code. 

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