Well, we survived the 2017 solar eclipse. I can’t blame it for the delay in getting a new post up for you guys but it does get all of the credit for inspiring a new post nonetheless! Read on for a round up of some of my favorite eclipse inspired interior design and decor.

I’ve always been drawn to cosmic touches. In my high school bedroom, I was all about the glow-in-the-dark stars you could decorate your room and celing with. My parents let me have free reign of my room’s design (thanks parents) and with these stars, there was just as much to look at when all of the lights were off.

These days, I still include solar touches here and there but look for more refined inspiration and delicate details.

Eclipse Inspired Interior Design & Decor

Sunburst Mirrors

To me, sunburst mirrors are like animal print: the style may change but it never goes “out.” They are a great accessory that can provide a practical use and a pop of style and glam into any space.

Check out this funky and fun mirror from Selamat Designs. To die for!!!!

sunburst mirror

I’m a big fan of layering a sunburst mirror over a patterned wallpaper like designer Thurmond Anderson did below. It’s like a high fashion wall!

sunburst entryway by thrumond anderson

 Orbital Artwork

I’m a sucker for a sunshine. The sun and moon both make great subjects for artwork. If you are like the millions of other iPhone photographers out there, chances are you got some pretty cool pictures of the eclipse. Why not print and frame them?

wooden sun artwork

If the DIY route isn’t for you, fear not. There are plenty of places to buy inexpensive prints so you can try out this look without a huge time or money investment. Original art is also a great option, although you have to really love the art since paying for an typically original is more expensive.

Planetary Prints

You don’t have to be a moon child (or a child for that matter) to appreciate and celebrate the sun, moon and stars. Whether you incorporate constellations on your wallpaper like this amazing mural from Mural Wallpapers or add in a sunny throw pillow don’t be shy to indulge in some planetary prints.

moon mural

Celestial Ceramics

No decor list would be complete without a shout out to ceramic items. Sun, moon and star ceramics are not hard to find and a nice piece here and there adds a fun conversation element to your style. I’m a big fan of using small dishes, like the below, to organize everything from change to hair pins. The moon dish is by Liquorice Moon Studios.

moon dish

The best thing about eclipse inspired decor (aside from the fact it involves no potential retina damage) is that these pieces are all relatively inexpensive so you can change them out without any guilt. I often see sun and moon decor items in thrift or consignment shops so make sure you keep an eye out there!

Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know if you liked this round up.  Let me know and don’t forget to follow @decormademedoit on social media!

Want more like this? Check out my Pinterest board deciicated to celestial decor.


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