It’s that time of year…again. Holiday storage time. Time to start packing up those holiday decorations and preparing for full on winter. If you are like me, the only thing worst than seeing the holidays go is having to store everything back up for next year.  Doesn’t it feel like we just got our holiday decorations out???

By putting in a little effort with packing things up, unpacking the following year will be so much easier. So as I prepare to pack up our holiday decorations I thought we could all use a little help with some helpful storage hacks. Here is a list of the holiday storage hacks I use (or am planning to try) along with a few more that were just too good to not pass on.

A special thank you to all of the lovely bloggers mentioned in this post. Your storage game is an inspiration to us all. 🙂

Holiday Storage Hacks

1. Ornament Storage Hacks

To keep small, breakable holiday ornaments safe until next year, try this tip from Laura at Make Life Lovely and store them away in egg cartons. The cardboard lid means you can also stack them to save space while keeping your holiday ornaments in one piece.[Photo Credit: Make Life Lovely/Creative Christmas Ornament Storage]

For large ornaments that won’t fit in an egg carton, I usually wrap them in left over holiday tissue paper. When I unwrap them next year, I just pile up the tissue paper and reuse it for holiday gifts.

2. String Light Storage Hacks

We only use two strings of large white vintage lights on our tree. To keep them organized for next year, I often store them in plastic grocery bags. The key here is to store one strand per bag. I use this same “technique” for garland as well. Then I toss all of my grocery sacks into a plastic storage bin.

If you have lots of lights to store, you’ll love this idea from Real Simple. Simply trim the edges off of a shoebox lid (or use rectangular cardboard scraps) and wrap light strands around box.[Photo Credit: HGTV/Holiday Storage Hacks]

Speaking of cardboard, are you following HGTV’s Facebook page? Today i saw a really clever idea where you wrap lights around the left over paper towel role. Why not try the left over tube from wrapping paper?!? So clever. Make sure to check out their full video for other brilliant ideas too!

3. Christmas Tree Storage Hacks

We gave up on artificial trees a few years ago and opt for the real thing. While storage is obviously not an option for a real tree, there are a few options to get the most out of it. Many communities have programs where Christmas trees can be shredded and in many times, replaced with a new seedling. Check out the Arbor Day foundation for more about these types of programs.[Photo credit: Team Skelley/Easy Christmas Tree Saran Wrap Storage]

If you do have an artificial tree you are in luck – Saran wrapping Christmas trees is a thing. And I don’t just mean the tree, I mean the tree with everything on it. It’s actually awesome. Check out this fun post from Katie at Team Skelley where she not only shows you how to do it but shares some of the things she learned in the process. Kelly’s Tip: Always double, if not triple wrap, the tree. 

4. Gift Wrap Storage Hacks

For left over storage bags and tissue paper, I flatten the bags/paper and put in a drawer in my craft closet. If you don’t have that option, you can flatten and store under a bed, in storage crates or even a file cabinet.[Photo credit: The Chic Site/Storage Tip for Wrapping Paper]

If you have roles of holiday paper left over after the holidays, check out this hack from Rachel Hollis at the Chic Site. She recommends using garment bags to store wrapping paper. I’m definitely trying this this year.

5. Holiday Decor Storage Hacks

Some types of holiday decor – like wreaths and pillows – can seem like awkward items to pack away. Don’t let these things intimate you! For holiday pillows and throws, try using vacuum clothing storage bags. Stored under a bed or stacked with other bags, this will allow you to store a max amount of linens in the smallest space possible. Tip: Why not reuse the same pillow inserts and change out the covers? It’s a great space – and money – saving option.[Photo Credit: Life Should Cost Less/Industrial Pipe Wreath Storage]

I’ve accumulated quite a few wreaths over the last few years and this year I’m searching for a new way to store all of them. I’ve searched and searched and finally found a post from Sarah at Life Should Cost Less. Garment bags are saving the day again, guys. Check out her post for really easy step-by-step instructions on how to use clothes hangers and garment bags to store wreaths. Can’t wait to try this!

I hope you’ve found a few ideas here that you’d like to try and that will make your holiday storage just a bit easier this year. Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below and be on the lookout for more storage related posts from yours truly in the coming weeks!


2 Comments on Put Holiday Decor In Its Place

  1. Mom
    01/01/2017 at 6:03 pm (3 years ago)

    Very nice article. You have actually inspired me to do some cleaning out and storing. You always have kept EVERYTHING so nicely arranged . On my China Cabinet endeavor, which as you know has been my “catch all” for all the important stuff, I boxed up much of the treasures and have decided to make room for the coming years.

    • admin
      01/05/2017 at 4:21 am (3 years ago)

      I think that is a great idea, and I’m glad you’ve been inspired to make way for the new. So many great things are in store!


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