Hi guys, today I’m sharing a super simple how to and showing you how to hang an antique window or anything else that you’re turning into art!

The Inspiration

Old windows hung as interior decor always looked so cool to me but I never really thought about how they got it up on the wall in the first place.

{Photo Credit: Google}How To Hang An Antique Window: Inspo
When I had the opportunity to get 3 old windows a few months ago I decided to hang one and find out. I got the chance recently when I was making over our dining room (you can find that post here) and had to share how easy this is!

Fall 2016 Dining Room Makeover: centerpiece

I did this project by going through Michael’s shop for tools and then sat on the dining room floor – window propped against the back door – and nailed it on the first try. You totally can too!

You Will Need:

  • Towel or drop cloth (for easy clean up)
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Pencil or Pen
  • 2 D-Ring Hangers (I used large since our window was big + heavy)
  • 2 Wall Anchors (if you aren’t nailing into a stud)

How To Hang An Antique Window: Supplies

Step 1: See what you’re working with

Since my window and your window are probably not from the same house – maybe, but probably not – you’ll want to get to know your window before diving in to these instructions. How heavy is it? How wide is the area you want to screw the hangers in to? How close is that area to the glass pane? The answers to these questions will help you select the right hardware and attach it in the right place.

How To Hang An Antique Window: Window With Table

I just gave mine a good once over and picked it up to check the weight. It was pretty heavy so I knew I’d need something heavy duty to keep it secure to the wall.

Step 2: Make Your Mark

You’ll want to use screws that are long enough to secure the D-Ring hanger, but not long enough to go all the way through the window. You’ll also need to double check that you are positioning them far enough from the pane that the screw won’t shatter it.

How To Hang An Antique Window: Measure

For this reason, I measured out where I planned to put the hangers on both sides of the window frame and used a pen to mark off where the screws where going.

How To Hang An Antique Window: Mark

This gave me a chance to double check that the screw holes would be clear of the glass. I then screwed them in slowly just too be sure. 🙂

Step 3: Use Your Muscles

This step requires your brute strength. You must screw into the old window! Ok, maybe I’m making it sound worse than it was, but my old window didn’t want to give and I had to really work to get the screw started. I’m sure a drill would make it easy, but read step 2 again…

How To Hang An Antique Window: Screw

Step 4: Repeat + Hang

Once the D-Ring hangers are securely fastened to the window on both sides, you are ready to hang it up.

Of course there were no studs at the exact place I wanted to hang my window, so I went back out to Michael’s shop and got 2, heavy duty wall anchors.

Wall Anchor

You also have the option to string a framing wire between 2 hangers but I wanted to make sure nothing was visible through the glass once hung.

How To Hang An Antique Window: Cotton Wreath
I measured the place where the window would hang and used the tip of the wall anchor to mark the wall. I double checked that the marks were in the correct place before making any holes in the wall!

More on Decorating with Windows

I’ve loved seeing some of the creative ways other people have used windows to style their homes  – and weddings. The creativity blows my away! Pinterest is full of great ideas on how to accessorize old windows, and you know I like to accessorize.  🙂

I did feel pretty clever when I decided to hang this one upside down so I could use the original latch as a built in hanger. So far I’ve only styled this window two ways –

With a simple banner and antique letterpress letters:

How To Hang An Antique Window:Side View


And with a cotton wreath:

How To Hang An Antique Window: Style

My love of windows doesn’t stop there though (of course not) and I’ve been using another of the 3 windows in our living room decor. You can see more on that here.

2016 fall living room updates - entry way

I hope you are off to hanging windows already! Let me know how you did and remember to tag your social photos with #decormademedoit so I can see all of your handy work!

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