There are some home projects that fall pretty low on the priority list. You know the ones, the out of site out of mind ones. For me, closet and cabinet organization are only projects I tackle once we’ve reached the point of almost no return. Since we’ve recently reached that point with a few kitchen cabinets, its time for a little kitchen origination 101.

baking counter 2017

The worst offender in our kitchen is the multi-purpose cabinet above my baking area. This area has the best counter space for whipping up sweet treats but the cabinet that most of the baking supplies live in was also how to the left over bar area from when we moved in 2.5 years ago.

A few weeks ago, Michael opened the cabinet and a cup came flying out. This actually happened enough for him to start referring to our cabinets were “booby trapped.” I have another description for it: a hot mess.

What is really going on here, guys?

messy cabinet, no organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization 101:

Clear it Out

I like to start with a clean slate so I start every organization project by taking all of the clutter out. For kitchen organization, this is also a great chance to check the expiration dates and toss out anything that is past its prime.

cleaned out cabinet ready for organization

Now that everything is clear, remove anything that shouldn’t be there. For us, that was a bunch of bar crap. As you can see, the weren’t actually that many baking items in this cabinet yet. Don’t worry, I have things, that was the point of cleaning it all out!

Hold It All Together

Let’s face it – there isn’t an organization problem on this planet that a basket can’t fix. Baskets in a variety of sizes, clear hard plastic containers and even mason jars are great ways to keep things in order. Tip: Always making cupcakes? Use a mason jar to store paper liners.

I also love to keep plenty of heavy duty quart containers like these on hand. Not only are they freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe; they also make great storage containers for leftover ingredients.

kitchen organization essentials

I also organized my essentials, like Vanilla extract and measuring spoons in a basket together so it’s easy to pull everything out at once.

Put it all Back

With plenty of storage containers, the only thing left to do is actually organize. In addition to grouping things you often use together, group things you hardly ever use and store higher in the cabinet.

baskets for organization

For this cabinet I started with the items I was most likely to bake with on the bottom shelf. For Then I used a lined metal basket to organize things like chocolate chips and coconut shavings (doesn’t that sound good?!?). I store flour and sugar in canisters on the counter, but I made sure to make room for these items in the organized cabinet for when I have extra! Up top I finally found a place to store my bread basket. Its full of birthday candles and cupcake liners.

Commit to Keeping It Clean

This is always the hardest part, right? The best thing about spending the time and effort to get something as little as a kitchen organized is that once it’s clean – it’s easier to keep it that way. And if you find that something in a newly organized space isn’t working quite right, just tweak it until it does!  Here’s what mine looks like several week post-organization:

cabinets are still clean and organized

I think we all dread finally tackling those out of sight out of mind projects. But don’t you always feel slightly more accomplished and capable when you know where all of your stuff is?

What are some of your biggest organization challenges? Leave a comment below!

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