Happy New year loves! Today I’m sharing my take on neutrals + the inspiration for my next colorful design. I’m also making a confession: I’ve spent the last two years creating a neutral palette in my home and daydreaming about fuchsia. It’s true. I LOVE color and pattern – everything about it really. All the same, in my first home I followed the advice I give clients that don’t yet know what colors “speak” to them: Go Neutral.

Don’t think that going neutral means a boring space. Quite the opposite.

Neutrals for Easy Room Transitions

If you are just starting out with a brand new space, or need to give your existing space a clean slate, pick a neutral color that you love and paint all of rooms, or most of them, the same color.

One reason a neutral design works so well is that it makes transitioning from one room to another easy. It also helps you completely avoid having rooms that feel disjointed from too many color combos. Tip: To create a neutral foundation stick with a common color palette on the walls, the furniture and the linens throughout adjoining spaces. 

Neutrals and light colors calm a space. The palette is easy on the eyes.  It’s also a more simple design to execute since you largely work within only a few colors, most of which are easy to find in any home decor or interiors store. Don’t forget that black, brown and gray are neutrals too.

2016 fall living room updates - living room after

My living room, dining room and powder room on the main level are all the same neutral gray. The hallway and kitchen that connect them are another neutral gray that can go from looking white to light baby blue depending on the time of day.  Since I have a small cottage keeping the colors light and complimentary helps my the transitions from room to room feel more natural. You can read about how the dining room went from neutral to blue to neutral again here.

Neutrals For Easy Style Transitions

Need another reason to go neutral? Starting with a neutral base means you can still have a stylish home while you figure out exactly what style is your own.

I’ve heard from many home owners who were very sure of their styles when they first purchased their homes. They filled it with every color that caught their eye and then looked around one day and thought, ‘None of this works.’ It happens to the best of us but you can avoid this pitfall by starting out with a neutral base and then working your way up. Tip: In a neutral design, pillows and accents can be changed out easily to update the look. These decor accents can also provide great ways to infuse more color into the room. 

I also recommend opting for neutral fabrics and colors with major purchases. This lets your investments –  from a great leather sofa to the antique Belgian linen duvet you HAD to have – transition from room to room.

As an added bonus, if all of your rooms are similar (not the same, but in the same family) something you grow tired of in one room can find a new life in another.

decormademedoit.com neutrals [Photo Credit: The Citizenry]

In the above example from The Citizenry, notice how each home decor item is unique while still feeling cohesive with the whole design? Because this design is based on neutral colors, these pieces can all be mixed and matched and still work. The same will hold true with the same palette elsewhere in the home.

Once you do find your style, it’s easy to begin building it in on top of a neutral foundation.

New Year Neutrals

One of the greatest things about neutrals is that changing up your entire space and be as simple as adding a few pops with an accent color. Or, in my case, lots of pops of color. Which brings me to my new year and what is happening to my neutral home.

If 2016 was all about finding my voice, 2017 is all about singing. And right now, the signing I want to do is very, very colorful.

I recently moved all of my potted plants indoors for the winter. Once the all of the green succulents met my light gray home, I knew things were about to get a lot more colorful.  I can’t get enough of the vibrant feeling plants bring to a room, or the deep hues of a hand-died textile. In 2017 I’m going to experiment even more with my love out outside/in living and embrace more of my eclectic design POV.

So here’s to a new year, new inspiration and many more new projects.

Let’s get this party started!





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