Guys, we’ve had a bless your heart moment in the Rivera house and at the end of this story, a cream sectional sofa dies. Like, buh-bye cream sectional, it was nice knowing you. Read on to find out how we killed it, and how we used our empty living room instead.

This is what our sofa looked like before we had two dogs.

white sectional sofa before dogs It all started with a wedding present. A dear sweet couple that we love gave us an antique mantel as a wedding gift.

Amazing right? I wanted a fireplace more for the mantel decorating than the fire and-since our house had neither-we were beyond excited to receive this old, oak beauty.

vintage mantel with TV And obviously I didn’t want to have a TV above it. So obviously we had to reconfigure the living room. Obviously.

Rethinking Our Rooms

Truthfully there isn’t a ton of wall space anywhere in our house and I doubted the mantel would make it up our steep stairs. (So much irony in this you guys. So much.) So we’d have to rework the living room around it. And if we didn’t have to work around the television anymore, that would be great also.

I spent a while thinking through how we were going to update the living room. Maybe we can just watch TV upstairs? Yes, TV upstairs…that sounded good. This was the inspo for plan A:

west elm white sectional (image cred: west elm via Pinterest)

pit bull puppy on table Meanwhile, our newest kid, Cash, was getting bigger and the living room was starting to feel cramped and somewhat under siege.

Definitely time to move the TV upstairs. And maybe stop letting the dogs on the sofa?

blue pitbull puppy in sweater

Moving Things Around

Our home office doubles as a gym and the television in it is mainly used for DVDs. The only place to sit down in the room was at my desk, or on small chairs on the floor. Converting this room into our TV watching room seemed like the logical next step. We’d just use the larger TV from downstairs. Easy.

Initially I just thought I’d get an inexpensive sofa for our office, but after taking a hard look at our less-than-cream-colored sectional, I got the bright idea to use it upstairs instead.home office before

Killing it Softly

Did I measure the sofa before trying to move it? No! Of course not.

It was just going into the office to live out it’s remaining days…didn’t need to be a perfect fit, right?


So I painted the home office white, cleaned it out and made room for the sectional and television. And then we decided to move her upstairs. Oh y’all.

First of all, look at the stairs. These are special stairs, 1950s-use-the-f–cking handrail!!-stairs. Bless our hearts.

What were we thinking?

We moved the cushions up, no problem. First section of the sofa up (the small side) no problem. Largest section of the sofa…yeah, you know where this is going.

We made it to the top of the stairs with it (#GoUs) before it got horribly, horribly stuck. I was at the top end of the steps trying to turn it and my husband was still on the stairs pushing it up.

All we needed to do was turn it. Just. A. Smidge.

Nope. Instead of turning, it stuck.

Ok, we thought, just gotta shimmy it. So we shimmy-ed it into more stuck.

What was that sound? Did we just make a hole in the wall? Oh, you know we did.

Clearly we just gotta use the laundry closet at the top of the stairs for more clearance. That will definitely work.

And that’s when we made a hole in the laundry closet too. By this point I think it’s important to note that our determination was strong. We had already made holes in the wall. We were committed now.

That lasted for a few more minutes of pushing, pulling, panting and sweating. At a certain point, I realized that not only was the sofa majorly stuck, but it was stuck in a hole…in the wall… in the closet… and we would have to f-up the wall up even more if we planned on getting it back down.

fail Bless our hearts y’all! (Be on the lookout for a DIY on patching walls in your near future.)

Sectional Sadness

Neither my husband or I had lost our shit yet and, given the situation we were in, it certainly could have happened. But it didn’t.

sofa stuck in hallwayInstead we decided to laugh at ourselves, mainly because we had to.

I had always hated that damn sofa. Always. I thought I had gotten a great deal on it until the day it showed up. I knew it was poorly made as soon as I saw it and as much as I stuffed and puffed it, I was never happy with it. We didn’t complain to the company at the time because we were up to our eyeballs with them getting a defective chair fixed. You get what you pay for right? On second thought, thank goodness it was cheap.

We were only moving it up stairs because the dogs had completely demolished it (and maybe chewed some of it up).

Bye Sofa

So I asked my husband the most logical question I could think of: Do you have a saw?

So, given the fact that I’d always hated the sofa, the dogs had effectively ruined the sofa and said sofa was very much stuck INSIDE the wall of our laundry room; I asked my husband the most logical question I could think of: Do you have a saw?

Of course he did. And since the sofa was made with flimsy wood and cardboard, he made quick work of cutting it out of the hallway, or cutting it in half, whatever.

Did I mention that while the sectional sofa was stuck in the wall/hall we couldn’t get into the home office? The door was completely blocked so it was only after killing the sofa that I was able to get back into the bright white room and see how dingy and destroyed the sofa had been all along.

Oh y’all, bless my heart. What was I thinking?

Moving Right Along

After the whole ordeal a friend sent me a clip of the episode of friends where they try to move a sofa up narrow stairs and Ross keeps shouting “Pivot!”

It’s hilarious now, although I had not seen it before. Maybe if I had, I would have measured the sofa first. There is a lesson to be learned here I’m sure. 🙂

The other lesson the death of the sofa taught us is about not taking life too seriously. Ripping up the walls and destroying the sofa is enough to test anyone’s patience, but we really did take it in stride. I was proud of us for that.

We just accepted the sofa’s journey was ending and laughed our asses off at the predicament we’d gotten ourselves into.

Then we cleaned up our mess and moved the TV upstairs. Because we finish what we start. Obviously.

antique oak mantel

A Not So Empty Space

We did end up buying an inexpensive sofa for the home office and decided to leave the living room empty while we got our upstairs in order. You can see more on the home office transformation here.

ikea sofa The living room turned out to be a perfect place for my plants to roost during winter and gives me another room to decorate.

indoor garden Looks like lemonade to me.





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