Holiday Storage Hacks

Put Holiday Decor In Its Place

It’s that time of year…again. Holiday storage time. Time to start packing up those holiday decorations and preparing for full on winter. If you are like me, the only thing worst than seeing the holidays go is having to store everything back up for next year.  Doesn’t it feel like we just got our holiday decorations […] Read more…

DIY Lavender + Rosemary Bath Salts

Not sure about you guys, but with Christmas now behind us, I’m ready for a little rest and relaxation. I absolutely love being around family this time of year, but after all of the hustle and bustle of the past few months, I’m planning to welcome the new year a more relaxed self by taking […] Read more… - decorating for holiday house guests

Decorating for Holiday House Guests

I’ve been spending this week getting everything ready for Christmas and out-of-town house guests.  This year I also decided to share a few of my favorite tips for getting your house holiday house guest ready. Read on for the holiday guide to decorating for visitors. During the holidays it’s impossible to think about adding one more thing […] Read more…

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial

Kid-friendly Decor: DIY Felt Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a quick and easy DIY holiday project look no further. Today I’m sharing the steps for creating a kid-friendly, DIY felt Christmas tree. And guys…it’s easy! This year, my nearly 2 year-old my niece will be spending Christmas at my home in Atlanta for the first time. To say I’m excited […] Read more… - Top 5 Best Home Decor Gifts

Happy Gifting!

If you have a home decor addict in your life shopping for holiday gifts may seem like an impossible task. Trying to find home decor gifts that will appeal to their style and fit their space – especially if you’ve never seen it – can be really overwhelming. I get it. So to take some […] Read more…

Coffee Table Styling Basics: 2 Tables 4 Ways

When I first started decorating, coffee tables provided endless opportunities for trial and error. Some days I felt I’d gotten the design OK – it felt sorta sophisticated, maybe even a little organized – but most days I wondered how something as simple as a coffee table could be so difficult to style. Eventually I learned that, […] Read more…

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