Introducing a home, garden and lifestyle blog

Welcome to The Blog!

Hello, hello! I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to my new blog. It’s been a dream in the making for some time and I’m glad you’re here. On I share home decor and improvement projects, garden and landscaping tips and a ton more. Through my interior decorating clients I also explore the ups […] Read more… - super succulents, concrete planter and gnome

Super Succulents – The Easiest Way to Add Greenery

To me, rooms just don’t look complete without a little bit of greenery. It brings life and color to any space and with so many options available today it’s easy for anyone to spruce up their casa with plants. For this post, we’re talking about one of my favorite easy breezy plants: succulents. Succulents have become very […] Read more… - DIY Floating Shelves + Styling

DIY Floating Shelves

Michael has much more restraint than I do and has convinced me not to build shelves for every room. Below I’ve shared instructions for making one of my favorite DIY projects: DIY floating shelves. These shelves are a bit more complicated than the DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves I shared earlier on the blog but well […] Read more…

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Our first home is a 1950s cottage so we have to get pretty creative with storage solutions. I’ve found one of the best ways to add storage without eating into the precious and limited space of a small home is by adding built in shelves. Here I share how to make + style DIY industrial pipe shelves. […] Read more…

So. Many. Projects.

Whoa, I knew that I was a little behind on some of my own home decor projects, but didn’t realize how many were in some stage of progress. Not finished mind you, just in some stage of getting there. Anyone else have a really bad habit of starting too many things at once? It’s like […] Read more…

Our cottage – A love story

Since so many of my latest interior design projects are in my own home, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how we met this adorable old cottage. My fiancé and I knew that we wanted an older home because the charm and character can be hard to find with new builds. We […] Read more…

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