Well, hey there, y’all. Back again with another installment of let’s paint a wall–and this time, it’s a bold one. Today we’re painting a black accent wall. Let’s get started, shall we?

How to Paint a Black Accent Wall

Back in Black

After our wedding, and the death of the white sofa we took advantage of some serious nesting time at our house. We updated our home office/multi-function room and moved our TV into it (I spend a ton of time in this room because I work in it) so once it was updated and more livable, it wasn’t hard to convince me to spend even more time here.

tribal loungeAround the same time we were finishing up the home office/TV room, I was starting to obsess about black paint. Several of the amazing accounts I follow on Instagram feature bold black accent walls and I was starting to contemplate how I could try one out in my own home.

Inspo from Kyla Magrath on Instagram Inspo from Kyla Magrath on Instagram

Selecting an Accent Wall

We were essentially living in our multi-function room this winter and-it has awesome architectural details-so I decided to play one of them up by turning the color all the way down.

If you’ve never painted a wall black (or very dark) before, and you’re not sure you can commit to all black everything, I recommended selecting a wall that gets decent natural light. If natural light is not an option, a substantial lighting fixture (think chandelier) can help keep the space light and airy.  Too much dark paint in a dark space feels too dark.

white wall A little black paint in this small nook behind my desk? Yes. Let’s paint that wall.

Picking a Black Paint

I was particularly drawn to black accent walls with a chalky, matte finish. A few of my of the ladies I follow on The Gram have pretty black walls and I wanted to know what paints they were using to achieve the look. So I asked. Every single one mentioned the same brand: Farrow and Ball.

So naturally, I looked up Farrow and Ball. I had heard some of my local design friends mention it too and I was game to give it a go, after I got over the sticker shock of course.  It’s expensive paint, and I imagine there are methods of creating the same rich, deep colors with other paints. Even so, I’m so glad I went with it.

I wanted a true black so I went with their blackest shade called, appropriately, Pitch Black No. 256 in Estate Emulsion. I ordered it online and the next day, boom! It was here.

Painting a Black Accent Wall

At first, I thought I’d just paint one white wall black. So I taped off the wall and trim using Frog Tape and tried out the paint.

If you are the type of person to geek out on paint, which clearly I am, then you will appreciate the application of Farrow and Ball. It’s water based so it goes on easy (and cleans up easy).

Firstly, chalk, china clay and titanium dioxide are mixed with water to create our base paint. Then the pigments needed to create our signature depth of colour are carefully measured and added in exactly the right amount. —FarrowandBall.com

Black on Black on Black

Farrow and Ball Pitch Black It goes on so easily that I may have gotten carried away and painted two walls, and the trim.

And the vent.

black accent wall in morning

Black paint in morning light
black accent wall in afternoon Black Paint in Afternoon Light

The result? A completely black corner that makes the room feel like it has no end. This effect is especially vivid at night when the room has less light. The window area adjacent to the window lets in loads of light during the day as well so it doesn’t feel oppressive.

farrow and ball pitch black accent wallThe other walls and baseboards around the space are all white, so the black-on-black treatment in this area makes the small space feel like something special in the room.

Black Home Office

I was curious how I’d feel working against a pitch black wall since this is the area that my desk faces. It turns out that I love it.

I’ve always been one for surrounding myself with images of that which inspires me and the all black backdrop has made this ritual even more fun. The space is constantly changing because of what else is happening on the walls, and I find the black works with everything.

how to paint a black accent wall As an added bonus you no longer see the cords from our printer or my desk lamp since they are black too and just disappear into the wall.

What will we paint black next?

The benefits of only painting a small space? You have paint left 🙂 So naturally I’m trying to figure out what to paint next.

farrow and ball black accent wall

I don’t want to add anymore darkness to our home office, but the bedroom across the hall is an extension of the same design, so it may be up for a facelift.

If you are considering painting a wall black…go for it! And if you want to spoil yourself with designer paint, may I recommend Farrow and Ball?

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. Debbie
    06/12/2018 at 5:48 pm (1 year ago)

    Johanna, I read your article. It was delightful. Your writing is like a conversation as if you are in the room. Really enjoyable.

  2. lejeta9445l
    03/06/2019 at 10:01 pm (8 months ago)

    What touching words 🙂


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