To me, rooms just don’t look complete without a little bit of greenery. It brings life and color to any space and with so many options available today it’s easy for anyone to spruce up their casa with plants. For this post, we’re talking about one of my favorite easy breezy plants: succulents.

Succulents have become very popular in home decor over the last few years. They’ve even started making appearances in wedding decor and favors. How fun and creative is that?

Fun Fact: all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.

Succulents love dry humidity and warm conditions found in most homes, and even though they thrive in direct sunlight, they can adapt to lower light.

Real or Fake?

Both! While I’m a big advocate for developing your green thumb, there are just some places where plants either won’t get enough light – or attention – to survive. In these cases, I say go with fake. There are so many great options available now at home decor + discount stores that fake succulents doesn’t have to look that way. - Supper Succulent Aloe{Faux Aloe}

Opt for a succulents that have natural looking green coloring and a container that is neutral enough to go in several spaces throughout your home. - Super Succulents real aloe{Real Aloe}

For areas that get enough light – or if you are adding them to an outdoor space – definitely go with the real thing. They won’t need much water and can survive even the hottest conditions. (I live in Atlanta and it is hot & humid here more often than not!) There are even perennial options that can survive mild winters with a good helping of mulch added to them in late fall.

Potting Succulents

As a general rule, all plants need well draining soil in order to thrive. That means that if you are planting in pots, holes are a must. Succulents let us break that rule as long as we don’t let them drown. - Super Succulents

I’ve planted succulents in tons of things with absolutely no draining. Metal Birdbaths, concrete candle holders (above) and even a coffee cup.

The key is to start succulents off strong with a great soil like Miracle Grow Potting Mix. I always use this for potted plants.

Once planted, pack down the soil, water, pack down soil again – adding more if you need – and water. If you are using a pot with no draining you will want to water lightly  – just enough to ensure all of the soil is damp – and check that the container is not holding water (tilt over carefully to remove excess water if needed). If planting in a well draining pot, give the newly planted succulents a good soak and remember to let the soil dry out completely between waterings. - super succulents, Jade plant

From here, I usually water my succulents about once a week during the summer and even less in the winter. Succulents hold water so giving them too much will cause them to drop leaves and eventually die. That’s also what makes them a really great plant for those that think they can’t keep anything alive. 🙂

Styling with Succulents

Succulents look great on shelves, coffee tables, nightstands or even the kitchen windowsill. - Super Succulents - Styling with Plants

Our living room and office get the best natural light of any rooms in our cottage. Even still, we’ve used a combo of real + faux succulents in these rooms to help bring the bookshelf to life and make my office feel alive and vibrant.

We’ve also used fake succulents in our bedroom as soft accents in a mostly black and white room. We would never remember to water any plants in our bedroom so why even bother!?

Succulents Outdoors

I’ve also styled our front door steps with succulents because our house faces east and gets very direct sun for the first part of the day. I love the look of potted plants on either side of an entry way but with so much sun, and even less water due to the concrete pots I have – we gave up on trying to have frilly annuals there.


These guys are fast multipliers. Mine have grown pretty fast since planting them 3 months ago. Tip: Turn pots weekly – or as often as you can remember! – to help the plant develop evenly on all sides. 

Our back deck is covered with succulents and we are able to spend plenty of time out there enjoying them during the warm months. They are such an easy way to add pops of vibrant color to any patio or outdoor area, even a small balcony in the city!

Your Turn

I’d love to see all of the ways you guys incorporate succulents into your home. Have you joined the #suppersucclentsaturday feed on the ‘gram yet? If not definitely check it out and make sure to tag your posts with #decormademedoit so I can find you!

If you have a succulent question, I’m here for you! Leave a comment below or drop me a line and let’s see if we can solve it together!


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